Strawberry shortcake smoothie with concord grapes

Shortcake strawberry smoothie photo

This is a very refreshing way of drinking my favorite cake! Also less heavy… a perfect pick me up, late afternoon or before going out to get some exercice done! As you may know, fruits are excellent before a workout. They will most likely make you feel better while you move. The strawberry shortcake smoothie with concord grapes get you on your groove!


Vegetables enchiladas recipe with homemade sauce

vegetables enchiladas recipe

I made this vegetables enchiladas recipe for Daily tous les jour’s team working hard on a installation project few hour from home. It had to be easy to prepare as well as very satisfying after a long day outside digging, pulling and thinking. I just cameout with the idea to make this classic recipe.

Vegetables enchiladas recipe: the sauce

It it one of those dish that really comes togheter with the sauce. This one taste authentic and is spicy as you decide it to be! I prefer leaving that to the discretion everyone. Some people like it so hot, I feel like our thongs I have a totally different taste. Next time I go in Mexico, I will bring back some special hot sauce for my friends who just like to be all in.

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Shortcake strawberry smoothie photo